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Livestock rearing is a way of life that has shaped the culture, social values and economic life of the majority of South Sudanese. The livestock production system entails seasonal migrations in search of both water and pasture: a time intrinsically linked to tension and tribal conflicts. Meat, hides and milk products are the main livestock produce in the State. However, no proper market places have been established in the State for sale of these products. Diseases, such as Rinderpest, persistently challenge the development of livestock and a livestock products market in the State.

The Water for Livestock Component is intimately linked to the security and stability of rural communities. The aim is to (considerably) reduce the need for extensive cattle treks, reduce the concentration of livestock and people around a limited number of water points and rangeland resources, while improving the social stability of homesteads. W4L hopes to make better use of various possibilities and innovations in water storage to ensure sustainable water supplies for livestock. It is also hoped that collaboration with the initiatives of other organisations will play a big part in future investments and linkage programmes.

The component has two specific objectives and 4 planned results:


Specific Objective 1: Reduced conflicts potential by improving livestock access to water sources in the dry season.
Result 1.1: Increased number of decentralised water supply facilities for livestock in the dry season.
Result 1.2: Improved availability of water in existing (downstream) lakes, marshes and natural depressions.
Specific Objective 2: Enhanced economic value of tending livestock for subsistence and commerce.
Result 2.1: Increased productive husbandry at community level.
Result 2.2: Improved value chain for commercial use of livestock and livestock products.



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