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Lakes State is endowed with natural resources and favourable agro-ecological conditions, ranging from a fertile iron stone plateau in the south, to savannah plains with open woodland in central areas to flood plains and wetland in the north of the state.
Subsistent farming of traditional crops adapted to local soil conditions, pests and diseases characterise these ecological zones.
At present Lakes State is mostly dependent on food aid. A few small-scale irrigated horticulture activities, e.g. the Women for Women group community farm near Rumbek, have sprung up but are still poorly managed.
Scaling up such initiatives has immense potential for development of cash crops for both local consumption and export (within South Sudan). The Water for Agriculture Component aims to increase food security and enhance economic income from commercial crops through agricultural development based on staple food crops and crops diversification.
ProWaS Lakes proposes two approaches’ thus (a) make better use of soil moisture and improved agricultural practices and (b) develop local water storage for income generating horticultural activities. The programme will also seek opportunities for introducing new commercial crops such as shea nut and gum acacia.
This component has two specific objectives and 4 planned results:


Specific Objective 3: Enhanced food security and diversification of diets.
Result 3.1: Increased (rain-fed) staple food production by small-scale farmers.
Result 3.2: Increased availability and use of water for production of high value and high yielding crops.
Specific Objective 4: Enhanced economic income from commercial crops.
Result 4.1: Increased production of horticultural and commercial crops.
Result 4.2: Improved value chain of agricultural products.



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