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The ProWaS / Lakes IWRM Component aims to ensure the sustainable development and use of the states’ water resource potential in an integrated manner. Thus capacity development occurs in all programme components and is considered as a crosscutting issue. This component has two broad approaches:

  • Establish a hydrological (surface and ground water) and meteorological data collection system and integrate into the national information management system (WIMS);
  • Develop watershed plans in focal areas and carry out a programme of knowledge development through training, research, outreach and other capacity building aspects, in collaboration with local, national, regional and international knowledge fostering institutions. We take note that the Na’am River will be the focal river for watershed plan development and the institutionalisation / organisation of IWRM. Thus IWRM, Knowledge and Capacity Development will work closely with the Water for Eastern Equatoria Programme


Specific Objective 7: Planning of sustainable water management interventions consistent with basin development plans.
Result 7.1: Operational hydrological and meteorological data collection and assessment system in place.
Result 7.2: River basin studies carried out and accepted as development framework.
Result 7.3: Land and water management policies, strategies and master plans for outfall of rivers / streams and floodplain areas formulated.

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