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Programme for the Water Sector between South Sudan and the Netherlands

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W4L is part of a broader bilateral programme between South Sudan and the Netherlands. The programme is funded by the Dutch Government and has an implementation period of three years with a potential extension of 2 years. The implementation process started on 1st November 2013. The Programme has 5 major interrelated components as outlined in the figure below (please click on the figure for more information).


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The programme aims at stimulating economic development by unlocking the potential of integrated development and the management of land and water resources for production. Lakes State (LS) is endowed with vast water resources which, if harnessed well, can stimulate economic development and improve the living conditions of the population. The programme has ‘water’ as its entry point, looking at surface water, groundwater, rainfall and soil moisture and will equally incorporate a range of auxiliary programmes to support the development of water-dependent economic sectors.


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