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The technical assistance team (TAT)

Euroconsult Mott MacDonald provides the TAT to the W4L programme. Partner VNG International provided short-term expertise. The TAT consists of:


Theo Hendriksen    Team Leader/ Rural Development Expert
Benjamin Mading   Agronomist (seconded staff)
Bart Goes   IWRM Expert
Henry Akol Kamcil   Water Resources Specialist (seconded staff)
David Karari   SWIS Expert
Dut Majok   SWIS Development Specialist (seconded staff)
Suha Abdelaziz   Procurement Expert (Juba-based)
Salih Shamman   Finance Manager (Juba-based)
Tinda Akot Manyuat   Livelihoods & Gender Officer (seconded staff)
Monica Nyamathu   Community Development Officer (seconded staff)
James Kueng Nguech   Data Entry Officer (seconded staff)


Supported by:


Mading Mariel Dor      Office Manager
Joseph Opio   Driver
Peter Kot   Driver
Bill Makoi   Driver
Mabor Muorater Awec   Cleaner
Rebecca Paul Maguen   Cleaner
Moses Nywi   Driver (Juba-based)


The W4L Programme Office is located at the Directorate of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (DoWSH) in Rumbek.


management office


The programme also has an office in the MM compound in Juba.


TAT mandate
The scope of the TAT is to provide technical, managerial and administrative support to the Project Coordinating Committee (PCC) of W4L. Thus, the TAT will be responsible for preparing and guiding all programme components including the flow of funds and contracting out of activities.
Specifically, the role of the TAT includes:

  • Assisting county authorities with the selection of project sites using strategic environmental assessment information;
  • Assisting county authorities with the determination of appropriate programme interventions;
  • Assisting county authorities with arrangements for the implementation of Environmental Impact Assessment according to regulations set out in the Environmental Protection Bill 2010;
  • Proposing a gender strategy for the programme, particularly in the SWIS component.


Furthermore, besides their technical input, and in agreement with the Programme Steering Committee (PSC), the TAT will assist in establishing the following:

  • Programme steering mechanisms;
  • Implementation strategies, alliances, advisory and learning structures;
  • Strategic management processes (e.g. situation analysis, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, strategy evaluation);
  • Activity programme;
  • Programme Identification and ranking (in agreement with Local Authorities and involved communities);
  • Establish procurement processes.


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